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Pandit M. Venkatesh Kumar is an Indian Hindustani classical vocalist. He is Born in Lakshmipura in the Dharwad region of northern Karnataka. He is renowned for his husk, vibrant classical singing style, He is also popular in singing Dasara Padas & Devotional songs.

Kumar learnt Hindustani vocal in the Gwalior and Kirana gharana styles under Gawai. Kumar blends these styles effortlessly in his presentations, though he admits to influences beyond these gharanas, chief among them being Ustad Bade Ghulam Ali Khan of the Patiala gharana. His guru was also trained in Carnatic music, and as a result, there are traces of Carnatic elements – especially in his sargam patterns – in Pandit Kumar’s music.



About Kumar kanavi and Malashree Kanavi:- Promising light musicians of Indian Classic music. Kumar Kanavi is a Hindustani vocalist and a music teacher. They are born in Gulbarga (Karnataka) kumar kanavi and Malashree Kanavi, Kumar Kanavi is ALL INDIA RADIO and Doordarshan artist gives exclusive musical programmes for Sugama sangeetha, Ghazal, vachana sangeetha, Daasa vani, Bhajan they take music classes i.e in Bangalore.  classes on Hindustani Classical (junior, senior, and vidhwath) he teaches vachanas, Daasara Padagalu, Jaanapada songs and others.