Summer Camp

We conduct Summer Camps between the months of April and May every year in all the Nine branches. From 2003 onwards we started our summer camp classes.

  • Every year camp related subjects are increasing.
  • Each year response is increasing.
  • Till 2018, 27,000 students had attended summer camp.
  • Major attractive subject are Shlokas, Western Dance, Devotional Song, Warli Art, Thread Painting, Fun Games, Yoga, Fast Maths, Drawing & Painting.
  • We also provide Crash courses regular classes for one month on Western Dance, Instrumental Music, Karate, Arts and Vocals also.
  • Camp intention is to cover major happy moments of our students.



The amazing thing about Summer Camp is, it truly brings out the best in everyone and you don’t feel like you have to change who you are.

For any information related to CAMP, please drop a message to us.